HSUS Undercover Investigation at Texas Cal-Maine Egg Farm

Here we go again: the Humane Society of the United States just released another undercover investigation documenting horrific conditions at a factory farm. This time around, it’s a Cal-Maine egg plant in Waelder, Texas.

The HSUS investigator was employed at the plant for 28 days, with the investigation concluding earlier this month. Here is the HSUS summary of his findings:

  • Countless dead birds in cages with live birds. Some birds were dead for so long that their corpses were mummified and appeared to have been rotting at least for weeks on end. As the video shows, eggs even roll by the head of a dead bird on a conveyor belt.
  • Birds trapped in cage wires, unable to reach food or water. Cage wires can trap hens’ wings, necks, legs and feet, causing other birds to trample the weakened animals, usually resulting in a slow, painful death.
  • Abandoned hens. Live birds were roaming outside their cages, some falling into manure pits.
  • Injuries. Birds had bloody feet and broken legs from cage wires.
  • Overcrowding injuries. Cal-Maine crams multiple birds into one cage, giving each hen only 67 square inches of cage space—less than a sheet of paper on which to live for more than a year.
  • Eggs covered in blood and feces.

HSUS has posted a two minute video documenting most of the above claims.

If you’re on Facebook, it’s likely that most of your Facebook friends eat eggs. So please post this video to your wall, and reach out to your other animal advocate friends and ask them to do the same. Link.


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