HSUS Video Exposes Smithfield Breeder Sow Abuses

In 2007, Paula Deen called Smithfield Foods, “a beautiful company.”

But a Humane Society undercover investigation released today reveals the hellish conditions existing at the company’s breeder sow facility in Waverly, Virginia. Smithfield, you may recall, promised in 2007 to get rid of gestation crates, and then reneged on the promise in 2009.

Today’s video shows that Smithfield sows spend their lives under unimaginably crowded conditions, looked over by incompetent workers who are completely indifferent to animal suffering. One lame sow was shot between the eyes by a captive bolt gun, then thrown into an outdoor dumpster where she survived all afternoon beneath the bodies of other pigs.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Smithfield is the world’s largest pork producer, with revenues of about $12 billion a year. But Smithfield isn’t going to spend a dime of this on improving conditions for animals. It’s a company built on animal abuse, that profits by cutting every possible corner where animal welfare is concerned.

When you buy meat without knowing exactly where it comes from, this is the sort of animal abuse you should expect went into producing it.



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