Humane Choice Vegan Dog Food

The Humane Society of the United States has just introduced its own line of dog food called “Humane Choice.” The product is aptly named, as it contains no meat, milk, or eggs. Plus, it’s all-organic.

If I had a dog, this is the stuff I’d buy. Not only is it cruelty free, 6 percent of the purchase price goes to HSUS. Some nitwits on Twitter have been griping that some of its vitamins may be animal derived. But, as I’ve written elsewhere, it’s impossible to make the case that animal-derived vitamins fund animal agribusiness in any remotely significant way—the quantities of animal matter involved are too miniscule to get worked up about.

Put another way, fifteen minutes spent leafletting undoes a lifetime of trace ingredient karma.

Good news also for people who are owned by cats: they say in the FAQ that they’re exploring the possibility of coming out with a version of this product for felines. Link.


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