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John Doppler Schiff of emailed me this morning:

Your post on about CCF caught my eye; it’s been a topic of great interest to me, particularly their attack on animal welfare and vegan organizations. You wrote:

My guess is that, like Blackwater (now Academi), CCF will spew out fake new identities every time the public starts catching on to its tactics. Expect CCF to become a group whose modus operandi is drive-by smears carried out by phony front groups.

CCF already operates more than 100 phony charities and smear campaigns under deceptive consumer-friendly names, so you’ve got their number there—but that’s been Rick Berman’s M.O. from the very start.

When CCF’s reputation began to lose its luster, he adopted the and HumaneWatch aliases. And when those fronts began to crumble due to public awareness of Berman’s sleaziness, he started the Humane Society for Shelter Pets (formerly “Humane Society for America’s Pets”). That’s a group with a multi-million dollar budget contributed by Berman and the pet breeding industry, which has the funds to take out nationwide print ads in major newspapers attacking the HSUS, yet has never given one penny to any shelter, anywhere.

This list of confirmed Berman fronts may be of interest to you.

Thanks for covering this issue! Education is the vaccine for Berman’s disease, and I like to see as many people as possible inoculated against it.

I’ve seen animal advocates on Facebook quote and link to CCF websites, believing those sites to be a reputable source of information.


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