Hy-Line’s PR Backfires

Here’s an impossibly great article from, of all places, the Cattle Network. The piece bashes Hy-Line for saying a whole lot of nothing in response to last week’s Mercy For Animals hatchery investigation:

Hy-Line’s statement said some practices depicted in the video didn’t reflect the company’s standard procedures. If you viewed the video, the practices seemed very practiced. The quick and efficient ‘sexing’ of chicks with the males flicked onto a conveyor looked as standard as you can get, unlike the video taken at Aviagen’s turkey breeding facility last winter which showed out-of-control employees clearly crossing the line.

Hy-Line’s statement said “corrective measures have been taken” but company officials won’t elaborate. Another red flag just popped up. What measures?

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Here we have an industry journalist who’s not putting up with vague assertions that everything’s been corrected. And check out the advice he ends the piece with:

Bottom Line: If you’re in the chicken, egg, beef, pork, turkey, veal or emu business and you don’t immediately conduct a complete animal welfare audit and immediately make any changes that are necessary and proper, you’re inviting Mercy for Animals or some similar group to do the job for you.

And you won’t like what you’ll see.

Damned straight. Mercy For Animals has just four full-time staffers and last year spent just over $300,000, and yet they’ve got animal agribusiness on the run. If you’ve got it to spare, send them some cash.

I feel like taking the rest of the morning off: the Cattle Network is doing my job for me. The only thing I can add is: go vegan. Link.


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