Iowa Seeks to Criminalize Undercover Cruelty Investigations

Barely a week after a Florida State Senator submitted a bill that would make photography at factory farms a felony, lawmakers in Iowa have taken similar aim at undercover cruelty investigators. They’re seeking to criminalize supplying false information for purposes of gaining employment at a factory farm. These moves are obviously a direct response to the string of undercover cruelty videos released by Mercy For Animals and other animal protection groups. Rather than strengthen laws against factory farm cruelties, agribusiness-friendly elected officials are seeking to imprison future investigators.

Representative Rep. Brian Quirk: “I think the intent of the bill is spot on. These people need to be dealt with. They’re terrorists and this is wrong. These producers’ rights are being trampled when they’re taken advantage of in this way. If we can clamp down on this kind of practice, I think it is warranted.”

What exactly is Quirk trying to suppress? Videos like this and this and this—all of which were filmed in Iowa, apparently by terrorists.

It sounds as though the Iowa bills are deliberately vaguely worded, so as to encourage local District Attorneys in shithole rural towns to press felony-level charges.

One of the things that keeps me going as an animal advocate is that the people behind animal agribusiness consistently reveal they have no moral compass, and that they’d eagerly commit unchecked atrocities if nobody intervened. Today’s news from Iowa confirms my assessment of these people. (Thanks, Paul.) Link.

Action item: if you’re in Iowa, call or email your state representative and senator and politely express your opposition to these bills.


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