Jack Norris on Diabetes and Multivitamins

Jack Norris published a pair of important blog entries yesterday. First, the strongest evidence to date has emerged that a vegan diet is indeed protective against diabetes. Second, it’s looking like multivitamins might cause health risks.

If you decide to abandon your daily multivitamin be sure you’re taking B-12 sublinguals! And it’s probably a good idea, especially for women of childbearing years, to get your iron levels checked occasionally and use an iron supplement if warranted. And since abandoning a multivitamin means exposing yourself to nutrient deficiencies if your diet is improperly planned, it’s wise to read up on basic vegan nutrition. Jack and Ginny’s Vegan for Life is the best introduction I’ve seen.

Finally, yesterday’s New York Times has some excellent coverage about this new multivitamin research.

Update: Jack’s response to me (via email) about whether he thinks people should discontinue taking multivitamins based on this study: “I don’t want people to necessarily continue taking multivitamins but I don’t think this is enough evidence to stop taking them. The only reason I blogged on this study was that people were sending me links and asking me about it. Otherwise, I would have not considered it very important.”


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