Jonathan Safran Foer on Ellen

Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Eating Animals, was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday. In the top video below, he introduces the main points made in his book, and probably makes a stronger argument for veg*n eating than has ever been made on national TV. In the bottom video embedded below, he answers audience questions. These segments are especially great since Ellen is herself vegan, and is therefore a lot more agreeable towards Foer’s declarations than most other TV hosts would be.

Both videos are well worth watching—and even more worthy of forwarding to your omnivorous friends and family. The top video is 6:47, and the bottom video is 3:26.

Here’s one last thing to keep in mind: there’s probably nothing more persuasive to people than watching somebody make a personal pitch for becoming vegan. Nearly every time I speak to a roomful of perhaps fifty people, I later hear that somebody from the audience became vegan because of my talk. This Ellen episode that Foer appeared in had an audience of about three million people. Do the math. (Thanks, Bea.)


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