KFC Refuses to Learn from Past Mistakes

One of the only pleasant things about observing the fast food industry is watching companies crash and burn when they attempt to change strategies. KFC has made repeated attempts to sell grilled chicken but all have failed. Why? Because grilled chicken tastes like…chicken. And the only effective way to make chicken taste good is to slather it with grease, lotsa breading, salt, and spices. But the company hasn’t learned their lesson and is about to undergo a big change of identity, giving equal billing to their grilled options as to their fried. They’re doomed. You know, a different way to cater to health-conscious consumers would be to simply start serving Southern-style veggies, and to do it right: grilled corn, mashed potatoes, collard greens, whole grain biscuits. But no, they’re gonna trot out tasteless factory farmed chickens once again, and think America will suddenly get excited because the stuff is low fat. Not gonna happen. Link.

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