Vegan Mac & Cheese: Recipes and Storebought Brands

You won't believe how many vegan Mac & Cheese products are available.
Last Updated: September 16, 2018

Mac & cheese might seem like one of those foods that vegans have to give up, but nothing is further from the truth. There’s a wide assortment of delicious vegan options.

From Scratch

A little Googling will reveal countless vegan mac & cheese recipes on the web. Here’s by far the most popular version (with 1.75 million views!): a two-minute Buzzfeed video for what they immodestly proclaim to be, “The BEST Vegan Mac & Cheese You Will Ever Have.”

If you’re cooking Mac & Cheese from scratch, you can always swap your favorite homemade or store-bought cheese into your recipe. See our cheese page for an incredible assortment of possibilities.

Boxed Mac & Cheese

Several companies make boxed vegan mac & cheese. Many of these products are available on

Daiya Foods makes five varieties of their “Cheezy Mac” product:

  • Cheddar Style
  • Four Cheese with Herbs
  • Alfredo Style
  • Bac’n Cheddar
  • White Cheddar

There are several other brands of boxed vegan mac & cheese:

Frozen Microwavable Mac & Cheese:

Frozen mac & cheese brands are a couple notches above boxed products in quality, and are priced accordingly. Instead of a cheezy sauce, frozen products give you actual melted vegan cheese. You can bake these products in the oven (which takes more time than microwaving but brings the texture to a whole different level):

In the United States, you’ll have no trouble finding these products at natural food stores and at Whole Foods Market.