Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, & Money

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Meat Market elevates the debate over animal agriculture. Erik Marcus exposes and clears away the exaggerated claims and counterclaims put forth by the meat industry and its opponents. In the process, Marcus presents a thorough examination of animal agriculture’s cruelties and its far-reaching social costs. Marcus then considers the discouraging progress made by the animal protection movement. He evaluates where the movement has gone wrong, and how its shortcomings could best be remedied.

“Our goal at Whole Foods is to provide people with healthful food produced to high environmental and ethical standards. But supply is only half the equation; people also have to want such food. A handful of books have played a critical role in redefining how the public perceives agriculture. Meat Market admirably furthers that tradition, and–rarely for a book on this subject–is beautifully written as well.”John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods Market

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