Mercy For Animals Uncovers Horrific Calf Abuses at E6 Cattle in Texas

As this brand new undercover investigation from Mercy For Animals makes clear, it’s past time for every major beef and dairy trade organization to publicly condemn the practice of killing livestock with blows to the head.

Specifically, we need the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the National Dairy Council to go on record this time around.

The first few moments of the video begin with a worker letting out a sadistic laugh, and then swinging a pick axe that bursts open the skull of a dairy calf. I’ve seen every major undercover cruelty video, and this may be the single most upsetting thing I’ve ever witnessed.

How is it that there are only five or ten undercover cruelty investigations produced a year, and yet time after time investigators end up with the most disturbing footage imaginable? It’s because horrendous abuses are endemic throughout animal agribusiness.

This is precisely the sort of investigation that Annette Sweeney in Iowa, Jim Norman in Florida,  and six Republicans in Minnesota want outlawed in their states. They’d lock up the courageous activists who document these atrocities, so that industry can continue carrying them out in secret.

This video will haunt you. If you can’t bear witness, know that these are Mercy For Animals’ bullet points of what the scenes show:

  • Workers bludgeoning calves in their skulls with pickaxes and hammers – often involving 5 to 6 blows, sometimes more – before rendering the animals unconscious
  • Beaten calves, still alive and conscious, thrown onto dead piles
  • Workers kicking downed calves in the head, and standing on their necks and ribs
  • Calves confined to squalid hutches, thick with manure and urine buildup, and barely large enough for the calves to turn around or fully extend their legs
  • Gruesome injuries and afflictions, including open sores, swollen joints and severed hooves
  • Ill, injured and dying calves denied medical care
  • The budding horns of calves burned out their skulls without painkillers

Given what’s on the video, I don’t see how E6 Cattle can be allowed to stay in business.


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