Messina on “A Vegan No More”

To the delight of excusatarians and the disgust of vegans, a blog entry titled “A Vegan No More” went viral this past weekend, racking up an amazing 7,000 Facebook likes (as a comparison, a big story might get 200 likes.)

I’ve clearly chosen the wrong career. There’s a seemingly bottomless demand for articles providing silly justifications for eating meat. But it takes talent I’ll never possess to come up with something as laughably wrongheaded as this week’s article. And one of the annoyances of dealing with this sort of piece is it takes far more effort to debunk bullshit than to spew it in the first place.

Happily, Virginia Messina RD has just given this article the same top-to-bottom treatment that she gave two months ago to Lierre Keith’s atrocious The Vegetarian Myth. And, in fact, Messina makes a convincing case that the author of the “A Vegan No More” article very likely read Keith and bought into her silly arguments.

Every vegan needs to be aware of the emerging category of Weston A. Price derived anti-vegan arguments, and how they can best be refuted. Messina’s blog entry is probably the best possible starting point for giving vegan advocates a handle on dealing with these arguments.

Messina rightfully asserts that we’re likely to see many more of these sorts of ineptly written anti-vegan pieces in the future. About the only way we as a movement can fight back is to ensure that aspiring vegans are introduced to reliable nutrition information, so that when error-ridden screeds like this come out the primary attention they get is ridicule. Link.


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