Michael Vick and Jackie Robinson

The New York Times’ William C. Rhoden, who has written some great stuff condemning horse racing, got a scoop this past weekend. In an article about Michael Vick’s return to the NFL, Rhoden mentions Vick supporter Jesse Jackson, who compares the disgraced quarterback’s efforts to find a team to Jackie Robinson’s breaking of baseball’s color barrier.

This is the most idiotic comparison since Dan Quayle likened his experience to JFK’s, and it reveals astonishing cluelessness on Jackson’s part. Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star blasts the comparison, and offers some good insights into Vick’s situation.

Here’s how I think things will play out. Sometime in the first three weeks of the NFL’s regular season, a first string quarterback will go down with a season-ending injury. The backups will be pathetic, so the team will endure the wrath of fans and bring Vick on board. Vick will almost certainly disappoint. There’s simply no way he can perform at an elite level given that he was a so-so passer even in his prime, he’s been away from football for two years, and he’ll have a new playbook to learn and new receivers to throw to.

And once it’s clear Vick can’t perform, expect fans to become a lot less forgiving about his dogfighting days. Link.


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