Mission: Humane and Teen Activism

I just looked through the 35-page Mission: Humane Action Guide [PDF link] put out by the Humane Society of the United States. It’s excellent stuff: it coaches teens on how to live a more humane lifestyle and to take action against animal cruelty. I wish every teenager would read it.

Somehow, HSUS apparently got to pass out these guides at the National 4-H meeting this past March. And I think 4-H deserves a lot of credit for letting this happen. Amanda Nolz, who writes the Beef Daily Blog heard about it, and boy is she pissed:

4-H is an organization based on integrity, hard work, service to others and a passion for agriculture, yet, it certainly seems like nothing is sacred anymore. HSUS went directly to the future food producers of America to advance their mission to abolish animal agriculture and eliminate meat and dairy products from our diets. After reading their handout for kids at the conference, “Mission: Humane Action Guide” for teens, it’s quite obvious they are trying to convert wholesome farm kids to campaigning, lobbying HSUS activists. Keep reading; you won’t believe the propaganda they are pushing on today’s youth.

The propaganda passed out during one of the workshops at the conference showed kids how to write letters to the editor, start a club, appeal to legislators, influence others and push for vegan meals in their school cafeterias.

The horror. Obviously anyone who cares about animal cruelty can’t be considered wholesome.

Can’t there be a middle ground here between vegans and factory farmers? Shouldn’t it be possible to participate in and support animal agriculture, while working to eliminate the very worst cruelties? People like Nolz seem to view all animal protection efforts as a threat—and that’s exactly why animal agribusiness is increasingly falling out of step with public opinion. (Via Jolley.)


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