Niman Responds to B.R. Myers

Nicolette Hahn Niman has a gift for totally missing the point of an argument. Stung by the B.R. Myers piece on gluttonous foodies, her defensive response might be her most useless article to date.

She seems to have gotten it into her head that Myers was asserting that every person engaged in food politics cares only about gluttony.

Here’s the deal with Niman: she’s got a nifty, attention-grabbing identity: the sustainable rancher’s vegetarian wife. And this identity gives her a level of media attention that she consistently squanders by making the silliest of arguments.

Perhaps most annoying of all, Michael Pollan calls her piece a “strong post.” Considering the Myers piece blasted Pollan’s 36-hour goat cookout, it seems Pollan will heap praise on anyone who’ll come to his defense. Link.

Update: You must read the fourth comment down, written by V_H. Blog comments don’t come any better than this.


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