On Eating Animals and Malaria

The Huffington Post has published a marvelous response to Michiko Kakutani’s execrable review of Eating Animals.

The best part of this piece is its pitch-perfect retort to Kakutani’s contention that we shouldn’t bother caring about factory farming as long as people are dying of malaria:

Since Kakutani believes that caring is a zero-sum game, and that most of us are too pea -brained to care about more than one thing at a time, she felt it was important to put Foer in his place for raising a voice against factory farming — an industry that, let’s face it, is merely really, really, really horrible.

Since reading her review, we’ve found it difficult to remember why we ever cared about what kind of car we drive, or whether to pay or shoplift, or who to punch and when. She’s right: in the bright light of malaria, everything else is invisible. So no more money to the NRDC, no more hand wringing about health care, and no more helping old ladies across the street. Screw you, injured person lying against the curb, there are hungry kids somewhere else! Better still, here’s a kick!

Laurie David’s wonderful critique will go a long way toward undoing the damage caused by Kakutani. Link.


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