One Hour Video from Jonathan Safran Foer

ForaTV just posted a one hour talk by Eating Animals author Jonathan Safran Foer.

He’s first introduced by his mother, who justifiably kvells, which is darling to watch, and then he’s introduced by a blogger I read daily, Andrew Sullivan, who says some wonderfully insightful things about factory farming.

At one point in the talk, Foer speaks eloquently about the idea of dismantling factory farming—a concept I explored in Part II of my book Meat Market. Foer says:

There’s a very broad consensus in this country right now that [factory farming] is wrong, and I think that as we start acting on these values that we’ve always had, the system will slowly be dismantled. I mean the system only came into being fifty years ago; we’re not talking about the way things have always been done and so it suggests it could be taken apart at least as quickly.

At the ForaTV site, they’ve divided the talk into fifteen parts, so you can watch Foer talk about the topics that interest you most. (Via Crossfield.) Link.


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