One Trillion Wild Fish Killed Each Year

While much time and money gets directed to protecting farmed animals, there’s been little advocacy—and practically no research —done to address the killing of wild fish. I was happy to see the subject receive some solid coverage in Eating Animals, which was probably the first vegetarian-oriented book to give significant attention to fish.

Now, in what may be the first report of its kind, a rigorous estimate has been made regarding the number of wild fish killed each year.  It looks to be at least a trillion, with the probable number somewhere between 0.97 and 2.7 trillion.

As tough as it has been to get the public to take the plight of chickens seriously, it’ll be vastly harder to get people to consider the pain and suffering of wild fish. But that doesn’t mean the effort should not be made. And getting this firm number of how much killing occurs in our oceans is a vital first step. (Thanks, Mahi.) Link.


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