Paul Shapiro Guest Blogs the Egg Recall

I asked Paul Shapiro, who runs the factory farming campaign for the Humane Society of the United States, if he could contribute a blog entry about the half-billion egg Iowa recall. The egg industry has never been so vulnerable, and Paul’s got some great advice regarding how animal advocates can seize this critical moment:

The United Egg Producers hasn’t exactly had a good month. More than half a billion eggs recalled due to salmonella. A flood of negative media attention not only on the industry’s reckless practices, but also on its botched response in which it blamed the victims. Increasing scrutiny on the connection between the industry’s inhumane practice of caging hens and increased risk of Salmonella contamination. And more.

The story likely won’t die soon, as there’ll be at least one congressional hearing on the egg recall September 14th. With the abusive and unsafe standard practices of “big eggribusiness” now on display, it’s a good opportunity for animal advocates to highlight how little regard the industry has either for animal welfare or even its own customers.

Whether it’s writing letters to the editor of newspapers, posting messages on Facebook and Twitter, working with your local restaurants and bakeries, or other means, there’s never been a better time to crack the egg industry’s sordid track record of animal cruelty, food safety risks, and consumer deception.

If you use Twitter—and you should—Paul is one of the key animal advocates you’ll want to follow.


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