Perdue Owns No Factory Farms

Agribusiness has long hated the phrase “factory farm.” But it’s such useful shorthand for places that crowd animals in grotesquely unnatural conditions that the phrase is certain to stick around as long as the practice continues.

With that said, check out Perdue spokesman Luis Luna’s misleading statements attempting to disassociate Perdue from the concept of factory farms:

Perdue owns no factory farms.

It merely owns the chickens and supplies the feed to factory farms that grow birds for Perdue under contract. Luna continues:

Families that raise poultry for Perdue are independent farmers.

Independent farmers who own factory farms that have been built to Perdue’s specifications. There’s a good reason why Perdue’s website doesn’t offer photos and videos of the facilities in which its chickens are raised: these places are factory farms in every sense, and the company wants to keep that fact hidden.

Check out the “Behind the Scenes” section of Perdue’s website, and click the chicken on the desk. You’ll be taken to the most deceptive video about farming practices I’ve ever seen. Three chickens in a spacious barn hang out by a hay bail while the Jim Perdue talks about how good Perdue chickens have it.


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