Peter Singer: Time to End Factory Farming

A great new piece by Peter Singer, written for omnivores, offers up a strong argument for ending factory farming. But what then would people eat, if they can’t afford non-factory farmed meat and eggs?

Some have argued that factory farming and industrial-scale meat production must continue to allow meat to be affordable by the less well-off. It may be true that some people can’t afford free-range chicken, but that doesn’t mean you must eat chicken. Nobody has to eat chicken – or at least, nobody in Britain or America. There are plenty of very inexpensive plant-based foods available, like lentils and beans, that are good sources of cheap protein that would work out significantly cheaper per gram of protein then buying even factory-farmed chicken.

Beautifully argued. The greatest revolutionaries have a gift for coming across as moderates. (Via Ryan.) Link.


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