Piglets as Footballs: New Mercy For Animals Investigation Released

Once again, Mercy For Animals has converted a nightmare for animals into a nightmare for factory farmers. They got an undercover investigator hired as an employee of Country View Family Farms, which despite its homey name is owned by one of Pennsylvania’s largest pork producers.

The investigator videotaped an assortment of abuses, including workers throwing piglets to one another and picking the animals up by their ears. The stuff caught on tape is so troubling that Fox News, which got an exclusive on this investigation, is refusing to show parts of the video.

After watching the videotape, Eric Haman, the farm’s communication director, offered up the usual spewage about how animal cruelty is incompatible with good business:

We are more strict on ourselves than any government regulation could be. We hold ourselves very highly accountable, As a business, it makes no sense to not take the best care of our animals that we can — No. 1 from an ethical standpoint, but secondly from a business sense.

The factory farmer doth protest too much, methinks.

Not three months ago, Mercy For Animals released their Hy-Line egg hatchery investigation, the YouTube video for which has been seen by nearly two million people. Expect this new investigation to have a comparable impact. I think that this investigation has a real shot of leading to a ban on gestation crates—assuming activists make a big effort to get this video seen by the public.

I’ve embedded the video below. Link.


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