VegTalk: Nathan Runkle on Conklin Dairy Farms Investigation

Mercy For Animals founder Nathan Runkle is my guest on today’s podcast. We talk about this past week’s shocking video investigation of Ohio’s Conklin Dairy, and how you can get involved to stamp out this sort of viciousness. You can witness the undercover video here, donate to Mercy For Animals here, and support Ohioans For Humane Farms here. Today’s podcast is 20 minutes.

VegTalk Podcast: Dara Lovitz on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

Attorney Dara Lovitz joins me for today’s podcast, in which we discuss the federal government’s persecution of nonviolent animal advocates, and its bizarre interpretation of the word “terrorism.” We also spend some time conversing about the overzealous prosecution of the notorious SHAC-7 case. Dara is the author of the brand new and excellent book: Muzzling a Movement: The Effects of Anti-Terrorism Law, Money, and Politics on Animal Activism. Today’s podcast is 30 minutes.

VegTalk Podcast: Doug Stanhope

And now for something completely different: a podcast featuring comedian Doug Stanhope. Although we spend several minutes talking about animal issues, mostly our conversation veers far from this series’ usual theme. Doug is hands down my favorite comedian, so it was a real pleasure to get the chance to talk with him. If you enjoy our discussion, check out his website and his Facebook fan page. I can’t recommend his DVDs and CDs highly enough. He’s about to go back out on tour, so catch him if you can. This podcast is 36 minutes.

VegTalk: Paul Shapiro on Ohioans for Humane Farms

HSUS Factory Farming Campaigns director Paul Shapiro joins me on today’s podcast to discuss Ohio’s newly-launched Prop 2-style ballot initiative. As Paul says in this interview, in many respects this campaign could impact far more animals than Prop 2 affected in California. You can visit the campaign’s website for information on how to get involved, as well as to make a donation to support this crucial effort. Today’s podcast is 19 minutes. Podcast: Jonathan Safran Foer on Eating Animals

It’s the last podcast of 2009, and we’re going out with a bang. Jonathan Safran Foer joins me for a 42-minute podcast in which we discuss how to engage people on the subject of animal farming. Jonathan’s outstanding book Eating Animals is by far the most influential text on factory farming to be released this year, and I’m betting it will become the default title recommended by vegetarian activists for the next decade. Today’s podcast is 42 minutes.

Paul Shapiro on Bushway Investigation and Ohio Issue 2

Two big pieces of farmed animal news happened this past week, and HSUS’ Paul Shapiro joins me on today’s podcast to share his take on things. We begin by discussing the HSUS undercover investigation that occurred at the Bushway veal calf slaughterhouse in Vermont. The resultant footage was some of the most disturbing animal cruelty video I’ve ever witnessed.

Next we talk about the passage of Ohio’s Issue 2, and what it means for future efforts to rid Ohio of agribusiness’ worst cruelties. Today’s podcast is 24 minutes.

VegTalk: Paul Shapiro on Ohio and Michigan

I’m back with my first VegTalk podcast in more than two months. Paul Shapiro, the Senior Director of HSUS’ Factory Farming Campaign, joins me and we discuss agribusiness’ sleazy efforts to codify cruel farming practices in Ohio and Michigan. Today’s show is 21 minutes.