VegTalk Podcast: Paul Shapiro on Maine’s Crate Ban

Just hours after winning a major victory in Maine, that will abolish veal and gestation crates, HSUS factory farming campaigns director Paul Shapiro has joined me for today’s VegTalk podcast. In addition to discussing Maine, we talk about prospects for comparable reform in Ohio, as well as HSUS’ legal actions against Chino California’s Hallmark slaughterhouse…. Read more »

VegTalk Podcast: Mahi Klosterhalfen and the End of the Battery Cage

I’m thrilled to welcome German animal protection activist Mahi Klosterhalfen back to today’s show. Mahi has been instrumental in pushing Germany to abandon battery cages, and to leap to cage-free as the new minimum standard for raising layer hens. We talk about Mahi’s campaign, and how any motivated person can have similar impact. During the… Read more »

Rip Esselstyn Interview — The Engine 2 Diet

I’m thrilled to welcome Rip Esselstyn, author of The Engine 2 Diet, to today’s VegTalk podcast. We talk about all the advantages his plan has to offer in terms of weight loss, disease prevention, and athletic performance. I also urge you to check out Rip’s website, which offers plenty of great material to supplement the… Read more »

VegTalk Podcast: Paul Shapiro on the Post Prop 2 Era

Paul Shapiro, Senior Director of HSUS’ factory farming campaign, was kind enough to join me for today’s show. Now that California’s Prop 2 has passed, we discuss the opportunities it has opened up for future animal protection efforts. Today’s podcast is 22 minutes.

VegTalk Podcast – Victor Sjodin on Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

I’m back with my first podcast in nearly two months, and I’m joined by Victor Sjodin of Vegan Outreach. Victor passed out an astonishing 100,000+ brochures for Vegan Outreach this past autumn, and we talk about his experiences and how others can make similarly giant commitments. Today’s podcast is 20 minutes.

VegTalk: Matt Ball and Jennifer Fearing

It’s been almost two months since my last podcast, so I’m back with another show featuring two first-time guests. To start, I welcome Matt Ball, cofounder of Vegan Outreach. We talk about effective leafletting and Vegan Outreach’s record-breaking year. Next, I talk to HSUS‘ Chief Economist, Jennifer Fearing. Jennifer served as Campaign Manager for Proposition… Read more »

VegTalk Podcast: Prop 2 – The Final Month

Could California really ban battery cages, veal crates, and pig gestation crates? Paul Shapiro joins me in this month’s podcast to discuss the situation. If you want to donate or volunteer, please check out the Yes On Prop 2 website. Today’s show is 19 minutes.

Paul Shapiro Update on Prop 2

Today we’re just two months from Election Day, and I’m joined by Paul Shapiro for today’s VegTalk podcast. Paul gives us the shocking, scarcely believable news that factory farming interests are resorting to underhanded tactics to torpedo Prop 2 (like we couldn’t have seen that coming) — specifically, they appear to be involved in illegal… Read more »

VegTalk: Joe Espinosa on Adopting Colleges

2008 Henry Spira Grassroots Animal Activist Award winner Joe Espinosa joins me for today’s VegTalk podcast. Joe takes us through the ins and out of Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College program, which I consider to be perhaps the most effective activism a person can undertake. If you decide to get involved, please let me know… Read more »

VegTalk Podcast Featuring Megan McArdle

I am extremely fortunate to be joined by Megan McArdle for this week’s VegTalk podcast. Megan is an Associate Editor of The Atlantic, which hosts her daily blog. Our conversation today explores how observing the public debate over various political issues can help us avoid rhetorical pitfalls when advocating a vegan lifestyle. Today’s show is… Read more »