Dr. Joel Fuhrman on Excellence in Eating

I’m excited to welcome one of the world’s bestselling and most influential diet doctors to today’s VegTalk podcast. Dr. Joel Fuhrman is the author of the runaway bestseller Eat to Live. This month, he’s continued his work with the publication of his groundbreaking two-volume set: Eat for Health. Our conversation today provides a splendid introduction… Read more »

Brendan Brazier on Health, Raw Foods, and Athletic Performance

We’ve got a fitness and nutrition oriented podcast for this week, as I welcome author and professional triathlete Brendan Brazier to the show. I highly recommend Brendan’s new book, The Thrive Diet. This week’s podcast is 26 minutes.

Bonus Podcast: Glass Walls and Video

An important activism opportunity has just emerged, which I discuss in today’s bonus podcast. In the wake of the HSUS Chino slaughterhouse investigation, several members of Congress are now calling for video cameras to be installed at slaughterhouses. Naturally, the USDA is dead set against this. Here’s an opportunity to grab ahold of this issue… Read more »

Ani Phyo on Raw Foods

Today on the VegTalk podcast I talk to Ani Phyo, one of the most successful raw food vegan cookbook authors working today. Her book, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, is a gorgeous introduction to raw food preparation. Her website offers a ton of useful info, a blog, and links to her many cooking videos. She recommends… Read more »

Philip Lymbery of Compassion in World Farming

The show today features an interview with Philip Lymbery about the European animal protection scene. Philip is Chief Executive of one of the top European animal protection organizations, Compassion in World Farming. Here are a couple of their campaigns worth checking out: The Good Egg Awards, and Handle with Care. Today’s podcast is 25 minutes.

Bonus VegTalk Podcast: Paul Shapiro on California and Colorado

Paul Shapiro, Senior Director of HSUS’ Factory Farming Campaign, joins me this morning for a chat about the California ballot initiative as well as Colorado’s big out-of-nowhere victory against veal and gestation crates. I’ll be back tomorrow with another show, this time featuring Philip Lymbery, the Chief Executive of Compassion in World Farming. Today’s podcast… Read more »

John Goodwin of HSUS on Animal Fighting

I’m pleased to welcome John Goodwin to today’s podcast. John manages the Animal Fighting Issues campaigns for HSUS. The scumbags who organize dog and rooster fights have had numerous setbacks since Michael Vick got sent to the big house this past November, and John gives us a full update. Today’s podcast is 24 minutes. Technorati… Read more »

Robin Robertson on Spring Veggies

Welcome back to our second VegTalk podcast. Today’s show features Robin Robertson, one of the best and most prolific vegan cookbook authors. Robin’s books include Vegan Planet, Quick-Fix Vegetarian, and the brand new and utterly fantastic Vegan Fire & Spice. On today’s show, Robin and I talk about what to do with the early spring… Read more »

VegTalk Podcast: Adam Durand

Welcome to VegTalk, our new interview-based podcast. Please use the links in the upper right hand corner of this site to subscribe. Our first episode features Adam Durand, the new Campaigns Director of Animal Rights International. This group is going to accomplish tons and this is your chance to get involved: befriend them on Facebook… Read more »