Paul Shapiro on Prop 2 and the $20/20 Campaign

Because of my move to Santa Cruz, my main computer was in boxes so I had to take a month off podcasting. But I’m now restarting my VegTalk podcasts, posted each Thursday, and Paul Shapiro, the Senior Director of HSUS’ factory farming campaign, is my guest on today’s show. Paul talks to me about the upcoming Proposition 2 ballot initiative in California, and the big money factory farming is plunging into fighting the measure. We then talk about the $20/20 campaign, which makes it easy for U.S. citizens in all fifty states to contribute to getting Proposition 2 passed. Please give what you can to Proposition 2 — since Paul and I recorded this podcast, Foster Farms has kicked another $250,000 into trying to torpedo the measure. The factory farming war chest for fighting Prop 2 now contains more than $2 million. Today’s show is 21 minutes.


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