VegTalk: Joe Espinosa on Adopting Colleges

VegTalk: Joe Espinosa on Adopting Colleges

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2008 Henry Spira Grassroots Animal Activist Award winner Joe Espinosa joins me for today’s VegTalk podcast. Joe takes us through the ins and out of Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College program, which I consider to be perhaps the most effective activism a person can undertake. If you decide to get involved, please let me know so I can tell Joe his interview made a difference. I end today’s show with mention of the three not-to-be-missed events happening this September in Canada: Toronto’s Vegetarian Food Fair and Vancouver’s Taste of Health. The Taste of Health event is preceded by a Friday night gala, featuring Howard Lyman with food by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Today’s show is 27 minutes.

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