Does the “Health Argument” Hurt Animals?

Countless vegans made their change of diet for health reasons, so it’s common sense that any serious animal advocate should be discussing the health advantages of going vegan at every opportunity. In fact, even if you’re personally most interested in animal protection, maybe the health argument deserves priority when speaking about veganism. After all, nearly… Read more »

Healthy Competitors Grab Market Share from McDonald’s

For more than two decades, activists have called on McDonald’s to roll out a veggie burger. But the chain has steadfastly refused, sticking to its core offerings of burgers, processed fried chicken, and the world’s most dreadful salads. Ten years ago, you could reasonably argue that a big switch was the right thing to do,… Read more »

Time to Decide [Video]

Compassion in World Farming has a terrific 2-minute video titled “Time To Decide” that spotlights that pivotal moment we all come up against—whether to oppose animal cruelty or to go along with the status quo. The video features four vignettes involving a compassionate person witnessing animal cruelty and taking a stand against it. In the… Read more »

Brilliant Bait-And-Switch Fur Website!

If you follow our posts here at, you know we love creative activism. And this website that we just stumbled upon definitely deserves to win a creativity award! is set up as a website for people looking to get fur at discounted prices—and upon first glance, it appears to offer steep discounts on the latest trendy fur and… Read more »

Target Launches Line of Vegan Meats

Target is a one-stop-shop for virtually everything—groceries included. We’ve long been singing praises for the many vegan products that are appearing on Target shelves—from several varieties of soy milk to Gardein cutlets to Annie’s vegan gummies. The increasing presence of vegan food at Target is a testament to the growth of vegan culture, and the growing… Read more »

Skool of Vegan

When you think of activism, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s protests, demonstrations, and megaphones. While those things represent one form of activism, there are countless non-confrontational ways to make a huge difference. When you match your activism to your skills, you can achieve tremendous things for animals. And that is just what the folks at Skool… Read more »