Almond Milk Demand in UK Grows at Astonishing Pace

Almond Milk Demand in UK Grows at Astonishing Pace

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In great news for cows, the demand for almond milk in the UK is exploding, with an annual growth rate of 70 to 80 percent.

There’s no telling what’s behind this surge, but almond milk clearly carries a number of powerful advantages: no animal cruelty worries, a far smaller environmental footprint, no association with methane production, and the absence of pus, BGH, and fecal coliforms. But maybe more than anything else, people are realizing that almond milk simply tastes a whole lot better than cow’s milk. It’s a drink that adults enjoy and that children don’t have to be pestered into finishing.

According to an article in yesterday’s Telegraph:

The market for almond milk, allegedly a favourite of Prime Minister David Cameron, grew from 36 million liters in 2011 to 92 million liters in 2013, a 155 percent increase. Sales of regular milk grew just 3 percent over the same period.

155 percent growth for almond milk vs. just 3 percent growth for cow’s milk. As production for almond milk continues to ramp up, expect it to move from a premium-priced specialty item to a mainstream commodity where producers and retailers compete heavily on price. And at that point, we may suddenly see the worldwide dairy industry reach a tipping point.

If you’re still drinking cow’s milk, why not take this exciting news as an opportunity to jump on the nut milk bandwagon? Check out our Guide to Dairy-Free Eating.

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