Practically Raw Hits

My pick for the nicest cookbook published so far in 2012 just came into stock on this morning. Here’s the back-cover endorsement from

Beautiful and immensely helpful. The perfect cookbook for omnivores leaning toward veganism, as well as vegans leaning toward raw foods.

Amber Shea Crawley’s one of our next generation of talented, hard-working vegan cookbook authors. She’s a certified raw and vegan chef from the Matthew Kenney Academy. I encourage you to check out her website and her facebook page. Practically Raw is full-color throughout and is loaded with gorgeous, helpful, and inspiring photographs. Pick up your copy here.

And if you’re wanting to qualify for free shipping, you can’t go wrong tacking Christy Morgan’s superb Blissful Bites or the paperback edition of my Ultimate Vegan Guide onto your order.

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