Processing Baby Piglets

The strangest animal farming video I can remember seeing. It starts with a splash screen saying “The Schlagel Farm Presents” and then moves on to showing the assortment of barbarisms inflicted onto newborn piglets. The difference here is that, for some impossible-to-guess reason, the producer decided that this video would be improved by a soundtrack of Sheryl Crow singing the old Cat Stevens song, “The First Cut is the Deepest.” WTF?

As to the video’s content, on the one hand it’s all very hard to watch. Yet at the same time the castrations, ear notching, and teeth and tail clipping are done with vastly more care and attention than I’ve seen in typical factory farm videos. Yet it’s still nothing anybody could comfortably watch. And it’s a sign of how perverse the industry is when you’ve got a farmer who takes obvious pride in carrying out these mutilations with as much care as possible.

Anyway, consider this a best-case scenario for what’s done to newborn piglets. It’s still terrible, and the real message here is that the piglets featured in this video are the lucky ones. (Thanks, Janet.) Link.


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