Prop 2 Volunteer Larry Sullivan

At the end of 2005, I encountered a billboard that read: I thought it was a joke so I made a note to myself to look it up when I got home. Hours later, I was still at the computer crying like a baby realizing what I had been a part of for so long. I made the decision right then that I was going vegetarian. The timing was perfect. What better New Year’s Resolution than that! So New Year’s Day 2006 was the day my life (and the lives of many animals) changed for the better!

It is one of the most important things to me. So I got involved with YES! ON PROP 2. After we succeeded in making the ballot, I wanted to do more. I was asked if I was interested in being an Area Captain and immediately jumped at the opportunity.

I can’t tell you how many people have read my posts on Myspace or Facebook or even just my e-mail signature and have changed their own ways and are making more compassionate eating choices. Every little bit helps. They’ve learned without being pushed. Just like I learned when I happened to drive by that billboard.


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