Quarry Girl’s Review of Dr. Cow’s Nut Tree Cheeses

QuarryGirl’s back with another typically thorough must-read article, this time covering a new line of gourmet vegan cheeses:

We’re not talking about Daiya-style melty cheese that you’d put on a pizza or in a toasted sandwich, but a direct replacement for those expensive, tasty and pungent cheeses that go so well on a cracker with a bite of fruit, washed down with fine wine or beer.

This is stuff you’d serve at a (vegan) wine and (vegan) cheese party:

Yes, Dr. Cow has taken raw, vegan ingredients and basically perfected the texture and taste of the world’s greatest hand-made artisan cheeses in an entirely cruelty-free way.

They loved each of the five varieties they sampled, and here’s a review for the Aged Cashew cheese:

This was the first Dr. Cow cheese I tried, and I was absolutely stunned. My tongue was on fire with an intense flavor I’ve not experienced in many years, and the back of my throat tingled as it hugged the flavors deep down inside. This is the real deal of gourmet, cruelty-free RAW VEGAN cheese.

I can’t wait to try this stuff myself. Link.


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