Vegan Recipe of the Year 2011

Not so many years ago, finding an outstanding vegan recipe required real effort. Since vegan cookbooks were few and far between, vegans were often reduced to paging through vegetarian cookbooks in search of meals made without eggs or dairy products.

Things started improving in a big way sometime around the year 2000. The trickle of vegan cookbooks turned into a stream, which quickly grew into a torent. Today, dozens of vegan cookbooks are published each year. And now vegans face the problem opposite to what they once had: too much choice rather than too little. Given the thousands and thousands of vegan recipes now available in print and online, where do you even begin? The abundance of choices can be paralyzing.

While browsing through cookbooks can be a relaxing diversion, most of the time what you really want is to head into the kitchen and cook something guaranteed to be spectacular. And so we present to you our first annual Recipe of the Year feature. We’ve reached out to four of the most admired vegan chefs cooking today, and they’ve created what they feel represents their finest culinary creations exclusively for this feature.

Recipe of the Year:

Mark Reinfeld’s

Mediterranean Pistachio Crusted Tofu with Saffron Quinoa Pilaf

Quick Recipe of the Year:

Robin Robertson’s Singapore-Style Rice Noodles

Appetizer of the Year:

Tamasin Noyes’ Seitan Veggie Crowns

Dessert of the Year:

Chocolate Covered Katie’s

Unbelievable Triple-Layer Chocolate Mousse Fudge Cake

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