Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes by Robin Robertson is pleased to bring you a scrumptious eight-course vegan Thanksgiving feast from Robin Robertson, one of America’s bestselling vegetarian cookbook authors. Robin has sold well over 100,000 vegan cookbooks, and her stuff is consistently fantastic. Here’s Robin’s collection of holiday recipes you can be proud to serve to your loved ones.

Robin’s Thanksgiving Menu

Cream of Pumpkin Soup with Curried Pecans
Roasted Wheatmeat with Oyster Mushroom and “Sausage” Stuffing
Stuffed Winter Squash (optional main dish)
Brown Gravy
Roasted Sweet Potato Sticks
Garlic Smashers
Green Bean Casserole
Cranberry Relish
Ginger-Dusted Pumpkin Cheezecake

A Note From Robin:

My Thanksgiving menu always includes foods with lots of gorgeous seasonal colors. I like to begin and end the meal with pumpkin — but in totally diverse ways, a curried pumpkin soup and a luscious pumpkin cheezecake. On Thanksgiving, you can’t have too much pumpkin or too many cranberries, either. In this menu, I actually used restraint with the cranberries, with just a simple but tasty relish, a nice change from canned cranberry sauce. But I’ll probably also garnish the sweet potato sticks with some dried cranberries, just because I love to see those shades of orange and red together.

The stuffing for the seitan roast is a vegan riff on my Mom’s holiday stuffing recipe that included oysters and sausage. I also include a gluten-free rice-stuffed winter squash as an optional main dish. Of course, it’s not Thanksgiving without the green bean casserole, but this healthier version has no gloppy canned soup, although I couldn’t resist topping it with some French fried onions. After all, it is Thanksgiving.

-All recipes copyright 2008 by Robin Robertson and published by with permission.


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