Reuters and LA Times Covers HSUS Egg Farm Investigation

Yesterday’s HSUS investigation of Rose Acre and Rembrandt factory egg farms has drawn coverage by Reuters and the Los Angeles Times. In the Reuters piece, we see Rose Acre’s president trying to dodge responsibility, blaming his company’s animal cruelty on the HSUS investigator:

Rose Acre executive vice president Tony Wesner said in an interview his firm takes “animal welfare very seriously” and has all employees, including the Humane Society worker, sign an agreement requiring them to report signs of animal abuse.

“Unfortunately that didn’t happen,” he said, referring to the Humane Society employee. “We’ll just have to take this and look at it some more and deal with it.”

This new industry strategy of blaming undercover investigators for animal cruelty was spelled out back in October.

And the Los Angeles Times article reports that Kansas Farm Bureau President Steve Baccus calls HSUS, “a powerful, well-funded activist organization pursuing what most reasonable observers would consider an extreme anti-animal agenda.”

Yes, it’s true, we’re now living in a world where factory farmers are claiming with a straight face that HSUS is against animals.

But HSUS isn’t backing down. The Los Angeles Times piece ends with this cool quote from HSUS chief Wayne Pacelle:

People know what happened in California, and they know it can happen again and again. They know that no group has passed more ballot measures than we have. They know we have a focused strategy. They know we have a budget of $150 million a year. And they know we’re ready for a fight.

Between HSUS, Mercy for Animals, and Compassion Over Killing, we’ve got groups with the skills and resources to regularly release groundbreaking factory farm investigations. What’s still needed, though, is a network of tens of thousands of dedicated animal protection people who will help publicize every new undercover investigation. As more grassroots animal advocates recognize the power of using their Facebook wall and Twitter accounts to announce the release of new undercover investigations, factory farming will find itself increasingly vulnerable.

Can you step up and be one of those people? You can start by using the handy “Spread the Word” Twitter and Facebook buttons below each article I post here. (Via Shapiro.) Reuters link. LA Times link.


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