Reuters Q&A with Tal Ronnen

Reuters has an interview with Tal Ronnen, plus a great-looking recipe that stars fingerling potatoes. A couple interesting exchanges from the interview:

Q: Why did you decide to become a vegan chef?

A: “I became a vegan chef out of the sheer frustration from eating at restaurants and not having great experiences. I was growing up with a family that loved food, and I wanted to learn how to cook. I had already become a vegetarian at a young age. I wanted to create dishes of my youth – rich, hearty dishes restaurants weren’t doing.”

Q: What sets your vegan cooking apart from others?

A: “The focus is to create textures and flavors that will satisfy meat-eaters as well as vegetarians. A lot of people are trying to eat healthier. Even if they are not vegetarian, eating vegetarian a couple of times a week can benefit their health. It certainly benefits the environment. A lot of the dishes in the book are created from French cooking techniques and by applying them to plant-based options.”

From these responses, it’s easy to see why The Conscious Cook is the top-selling vegan cookbook of the holiday season. Link.


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