Review: The CAFO Reader—The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories

The CAFO Reader is now in stock at If you’re a serious animal advocate, this is a book you’ll want to own.

CAFO stands for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation; it’s the industry’s term for a factory farm. This book brings together key writings by just about every prominent critic of factory farming, including both conscientious omnivores and animal rights advocates. In its pages, you’ll find the writing of Michael Pollan, Matthew Scully, Eric Schlosser, Wendell Berry, Anna Lappé, Bernard E. Rollin, Tom Philpott, Joel Salatin, and many others. I was flattered that I was invited to update and revise an excerpt from my own Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, and Money for inclusion in this book.

Not only are most of the top critics of factory farming gathered together, I found that the excerpts chosen consistently represent their most important work. In short, no other book provides such a thorough introduction to factory farming—and how you can play a role in toppling this system. earns commissions from any and all purchases you make whenever you visit through one of our links, even for products we haven’t linked to directly. These commissions enable me to keep this blog updated daily.


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