Timeless Coffee Roasters & Bakery

An all-vegan cafe located in Oakland, California. They serve coffee drinks, baked goods, house-made chocolates, and daily lunch specials.

You walk into a café and the barista asks: “Would you like almond or soy?”

Seems like a dream, right? Not at Timeless Coffee Roastery and Bakery, the first all-vegan café in Oakland, California! They offer delicious home-roasted coffee drinks as well as a wide variety of baked goods, chocolate treats, and vegan brunch specials.

From cheesy pizza rolls to coffee ice cream floats, the constantly changing creative decadence that you’ll find at Timeless Coffee makes it worth the trip every time. So the next time you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to plan a stop at Timeless! Until then, watch this video to take a peek inside: