Tomato Sushi

Vegan sushi just got more exciting with this sustainable, healthy, vegan alternative to ahi tuna.

Sushi is awesome—extinction, toxins, and cruelty is not. That’s where Tomato Sushi comes in. Tomato Sushi is a vegan alternative to bluefin tuna developed by one of America’s top chefs, James Corwell.

Tomato sushi is made with just 6 natural ingredients and a boutique cooking process that transforms an ordinary tomato into a meaty red slab virtually indistinguishable from ahi tuna. In this video we introduce you to the founder and show you what this new vegan fish product is all about.

Why is this important? Not only do fish feel pain and suffer, but as Pavan Sukdev from the UN Environment Program says, “we are in the situation where 40 years down the line we, effectively, are out of fish.” Vegan alternatives to fish provide sustainable, safe, cruelty-free options that enable people to make wise food choices without sacrificing taste.

Many thanks to Adam Weiss for providing the Tomato Sushi footage for this video.