Safe-Hen Cage Farming

The egg industry never fails to astonish when it comes to inventing slimy new propaganda to deceive the public. Check out Rose Acre Farm’s latest gimmick: “Safe-Hen Cage Farming.” They’ve even launched a website called*

What exactly is safe-hen cage farming? Just a clumsy attempt to rename the same battery cage systems that growing numbers of egg eaters are rejecting as unacceptably cruel.

The site features a half dozen photos all shot using the egg industry’s usual tricks: perfect lighting, freshly scrubbed cages, camera angles that obscure stocking density, and healthy young hens. I’d love to see photos of those very same hens taken later in their lives, once they’re scraped, battered, and bruised from a year or more in the battery cages. You can be sure would never publish such photos.

The website advances some absurd claims along with its photos, such as:

Put simply, a unhappy chicken will not lay an egg, thus a farmer would never mistreat a hen without risking having no eggs to sell.

Put simply, that claim is total bullshit. Even the most miserable hens will churn out a steady stream of eggs. Battery cages are cruel by design—they were created to produce acceptably low mortality rates, while driving housing and labor costs down to the lowest possible levels. Egg producers are financially motivated to care about their hens’ survival; not their well-being. continues:

Special computer controlled ventilation produces a steady 10mph breeze for lots of fresh country air over the hens at all times, which fluffs the feathers and carries away body heat

That “fresh country air” is going to be full of manure dust and piss droplets that inevitably accompany the raising of tens of thousands of hens in a single building.

And finally:

Best for the hen and best for you.

These people have absolutely no decency.

I blogged about Rose Acre’s latest sleaziness earlier today. If you want to get a real understanding of what Safe-Hen Cage Farming really is, look no further than the HSUS undercover video taken right at Rose Acre Farms. You can be certain that the video is a much more accurate representation of actual conditions than are Rose Acre’s professionally staged photos.

The reality of safe-hen cage farming is available to anyone who cares to look.


*The site doesn’t announce its ownership, but the contact info from a whois lookup of currently points to, which appears to be owned by Rose Acre Farms. You can also see the very same photos that are published at featured at


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