Slow-Cookers (A.K.A. Crock Pots)

Slow-cookers can dramatically expand the variety of delicious vegan foods that you can easily make.

Slow-cookers are like magic-in-a-pot for anyone wanting delicious hassle-free meals. They are used to prepare soups, stews, roasts, dips, steel-cut oats, and even hot drinks like spiced holiday cider. Since they simmer foods at low temperature, slow-cookers can be left running unattended for much of the day. Keep in mind, however, that some foods will be ready in under two hours, and it’s certainly possible to overcook your meals in a slow-cooker. That said, by choosing the right recipes, and perhaps also by setting a timer, slow-cookers make it possible to arrive home from work to the smell of a supper that has been cooking all day.

Slow-cookers come in many sizes, from mini single-serving slow-cookers to 7-quart pots that can feed a large family. They range in price from $15 to $200. has many slow cookers that are heavily discounted with free shipping.


There’s no better appliance for vegans than a slow-cooker, since it offers one of the easiest ways to add plant-based meals to your cooking repertoire. There are several superb vegan cookbooks devoted entirely to slow-cookers.