Spent Hens for School Lunches

As meat goes, it doesn’t get much worse than meat from spent hens — the hens who spend eighteen months or so laying eggs in battery cages before they’re sent to slaughter.

Owing to their age and accumulated privations, their flesh is tough and stringy and generally not something people want to eat. So the meat industry has come up with a brilliant solution for spinning these spent hens into gold: they’ve convinced the US government to buy it through the commodity dumping ground that is the National School Lunch Program.

USA Today just reported that over the past eight years, the government has handed the egg industry $145 million taxpayer dollars for flesh that would probably otherwise be turned into pet food or compost. You’ve got to hand it to the egg industry: they truly are a bunch of sociopaths, and the US government plays right into their hands. (Via Markarian.) Link.


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