Surrendering to the Vegan Police

I feel compelled to finally say it: you win, I’m out.

And with that, Happy Herbivore author Lindsay Nixon has decided to stop identifying as a vegan:

What I don’t understand is why are these vegans taking the time to run around and tell people trying to be vegan they’re not vegan enough, instead of using that time and energy helping someone who isn’t vegan at all?

Bingo. As I say in Chapter 24 of my Ultimate Vegan Guide, nobody is vegan if you look at their consumption choices closely enough. Especially not these endlessly judgmental vegan police pricks. Nixon continues:

To the vegan police: Know that if you continue down this road, you are only hurting your cause, not helping it. Had I been newly vegan, or more unsure, the events of yesterday would have made me run for the hills screaming “vegans are crazy extremists!” and then you’ve accomplished the exact opposite of your goal: you’d have made me eat more animal products, not less…

I’ve unfortunately seen this sort of thing time and time again. The moment someone’s focus becomes judging the purity of other vegans rather than helping omnivores take another step away from eating animals, they’ve lost the plot.

Here’s another way of looking at it: veganism is just one tool in a toolbox for reducing animal suffering. Once you make that tool the be-all and end-all of how you relate to others, you’ve cut yourself out of a number of far more important animal advocacy opportunities. (Via Vegan Outreach.) Link.


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