Tal Ronnen’s Pragmatic Food Activism

This terrific Los Angeles Times piece on Conscious Cook author Tal Ronnen is going to antagonize exactly the vegans who I most enjoy pissing off:

But here’s the real secret behind his ascension to first-name-only status as a vegan rock-star chef: He thinks like a meat eater.

“So many people tell me, ‘I could be a vegan if it weren’t for bacon,’ and I tell them, ‘Be a “vegan” who eats bacon,’”Ronnen says with a shrug as he sits in the sun-dappled dining room of his loft in downtown Los Angeles.

What the absolutists don’t understand is that Ronnen is not advocating eating bacon, he’s simply not letting meat eaters use it as an excuse for making no changes whatsoever.

It all fits in with Jonathan Safran Foer’s philosophy of working to get people to take the next step, rather than the final step. (Via GVUSA.) Link.


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