The Sexy Vegan Cookbook

The Sexy Vegan Cookbook is now shipping from I really like this one. Few vegan cookbooks even attempt to be funny, and when they do, the humor generally falls flat.

Brian L. Patton, by contrast, is a genuinely funny guy, and every single one of his recipes is preceded by an introduction that will at the very least make you crack a smile. I can’t remember the last time I so thoroughly enjoyed browsing through a cookbook.

It’s remarkable that Brian’s book happened to be released the same week as Amber Shea Crawley’s very different but equally outstanding Practically Raw. Brian’s book is geared more toward delicious yet non-intimidating food for newbie cooks, whereas Amber’s book is the best one I’ve ever seen when it comes to making raw foods more accessible. Order both and you’ll be all set for cookbooks for the foreseeable future, and your cooking will undoubtedly improve dramatically when it comes to both taste and healthfulness.

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