The Ultimate Traveling Coffee Setup

There are two kinds of coffee drinkers: Philistines who make less of an effort to make good coffee than I do, and maniacs who put in more of an effort.

That said, the stuff written by maniacs is generally fun to read. Sean Bonner’s got a detailed piece at Boing Boing all about his ultimate traveling coffee setup. He’s about as hard-core maniacal about coffee prep as a person can be. Check out this detail, as one example:

One thing I didn’t have to upgrade is my scale. For repeatability and general super-nerdness I’ve been measuring the beans and water I use by weight rather than volume for quite some time. If you want to get really precise it’s really your only option.

Me, I just eyeball it, and power my morning blogging by pouring coffee straight from its container into my French press. Good times. Link.


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