The Ultimate Vegan Guide

Just in time for the holidays, my new book, The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Compassionate Living Without Sacrifice, has hit, and it’s available now for immediate shipping.

I wrote this book because it’s almost 2009 and our literature still didn’t have a breezy, fun, yet thorough introduction to how to go vegan. I think this book’s best quality is that it digs into the stuff that’s truly important and offers real help in every key area of making the transition.

Plus, it’s got two introductory chapters about the advantages of a vegan diet, as well as a concluding chapter and an appendix on basic and advanced activism. If you’re already vegan, I hope you’ll pick up some copies to keep at home or at the office for when you meet a potential vegan. And, of course, this book’s intended audience is anyone who wants to learn the whys and hows of compassionate eating.

I’m really proud of The Ultimate Vegan Guide — it’s some of my best work and I am confident it’ll mint a number of new vegans. I hope you’ll check it out.


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