The Vegan Complaint Department

The SuperVegan blog has posted the most needlessly unkind cookbook review I’ve ever seen. An excerpt:

You know in college when you bought the fifth edition of Hamlet and then some blowhard added a new preface so you were required to purchase the sixth? Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons is kind of like that.

Not that I’m not completely grateful to have many of the recipes in this book. Nava Atlas—whose cheeky artwork gets a domestic girl giggling—offers some satisfying seasonal soups. But I think I’ve seen these before, perhaps four years ago, when I acquired the first edition. And though there’s certainly some value in getting another categorically vegan cookbook out there, this one doesn’t warrant the costs of printing and distribution when a perfectly good vegetarian edition is already available to those who know when to substitute rice milk for diary milk, and, more important, when not to.

Not that I’m not able to parse needlessly complex sentences, but the main point here is, um, pointless. See, one of the more successful vegetarian cookbooks in print has been yanked from publication, and replaced by an entirely vegan version. Nobody’s waving a pistol and demanding everybody who bought the previous version to rush out and buy the new one. It’s just that, from this point forward, there won’t be any more dairy-containing versions of this book being printed.

In technical terms, that’s what we call a win. And it’s something to be happy about rather than gripe over.

Now excuse me while I email Apple to complain that the Macs available today are vastly faster, better, and cheaper than the one I spent good money on back in 1992. Link.


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